Happy 1st^_^

sweet night:)
It’s been a month now that we’ve both decided to be more than friends.
You are mine and I know that I am yours.
I know this relationship is too young,
But i want you to know that, it’s our trust that matters,
Thank you for giving that.
Its been a month now,
Since I told you, I love you.
Its been a month now,
Since you told me, I love you too.
It was the day,
That you made my heart complete.
We will feel ups and downs,
In griefs and laughter,
We will be together,
Hand and hand
You will be always admire.
No matter how and no matter what,
I know that my heart,
will always want you.
And care for you.
You will and always be my number one^_^

It’s YOU^_^


It wasn’t easy for someone like me get out from the comfort zone i had before, but it did help me find who my real friends are ( u know who u are). Struggling from one point to another, process went through and eventually i redeemed myself and back now to business. I’M FINALLY HAPPY. Now, i have new set friends and buddies. But there’s one person who really catches my attention ^_^  it’s you.
Thinking back when the first time we met, sabi ko “cool xa, well see kung san to papunta.” Dated September 15,2011 @ 8:52pm, when we started our first conversation, it’s a sort of chatting with some common friends in Facebook, hi&hello thingy. Days&weeks passed, the hi&hello we started end up into something different, we built a mutual feeling no one really expected. I never thought that, from a simple coversation we had before it leads us to what we have now ♥.

When we talked about US.
When we talked about US.

Isang desisyon na kailaman ay di ko pagsisihan, we patiently waited, we set time to know each other and we even agree for some things that you never used to. Alam ko na alam mo na isa ka sa mga taong nasa top priority list ko, why? kasi you’re the only person who understands and even supported me all through out. Sharing this meaningful quote to you  ” I love you for everything that you say and do. I love you for the happiness I feel when you are beside me. I love you because when you are near, the whole world is meaningful.” Thank you for giving me the chance to be part of you life and vice versa. You know i♥u.


The skill of being a writer, is it made or born to be? How i wish im one of those people who were born to be a writer, not in magazines or in any news papers but, just a simple note that i can express my ideas. I guess in writing i can use any kind of medium(writing materials and language being used). I would say this the first and official note i truly made, i dont care if the grammar i used is incorrect or the sentence constructions are all wrong, definitely i will cater any feedback from you guys:)

Di’ sa naiingit, i just checked my friends profile and they have these notes that are very interesting and hindi boring basahin, i guess they have the skill and the brain as well. I asked someone “panu maging writer?” He answered, “kung unsa imu maisip,put that into writings”.And yes, this will be the start of my blogging career (palag).

I am a beginner in this so called writing industry, i have my coach that i can ask, certified blogger and all. Di pala basta2 ang ang mgsulat, my rules n dapat i follow and i should know the path of my writings. This is a bit challenging for me, bcoz i have never been a writer before.

The more write ups i make, the more knowledge and experience i will get. I will start reading blogs from my friends. The end for now.

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